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Frank Anthony
1908 - 1993

   Frank Anthony's Timeline

Early Life:

He was born in Jabalpur (then Jubbulpore) on 25th September 1908. After studying B.A. at Nagpur University and Law at Inner Temple, London he became a barrister.

Contribution to Constitution Making:

In the Constituent Assembly, he was a member of the Advisory Committee on Minorities where he represented the interests of the Anglo-Indian community.He was in favour of the idea of having Hindi as the national language. However, he expressed concern overthe imposition of Hindi as the medium of instruction in universities as it would be too harsh on non-Hindi speaking communities. He proposed that Hindi should not be made the medium of instruction of the universities except with the previous sanction of Parliament. Also, that the change in the official language or languages of the law courts should not be made except with the previous sanction of Parliament.

Later Contributions:

Frank Anthony was a leader of the Anglo-Indian community in India. In 1942, he was elected the President-in-Chief of the All India Anglo-Indian Association. He founded the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations which runs the ICSE board of Education in India. In 1947, he was elected the Chairman of the Inter-State Board of Anglo-Indian Education. He was also the Founder of the All India Anglo-Indian Educational Trust. The trust owns and administers five schools named after him.

He was a nominated member of all Lok Sabhas from the 1st till the 10th except the 6th and the 9th Lok Sabha.


Some of his works include: ‘'The Story of the Anglo Indian community,'on the history of the Anglo-Indian community and their achievements and Britain's Betrayal in India.

Committee Memberships:

  1. Committee on Rules and Procedure
  2. Ad Hoc Committee on National Flag
  3. The Advisory Committee
  4. Sub-Committee on Minorities