J. B. Kripalani
1888 - 1982

J. B. Kripalani was born in Hyderabad and represented the United Provinces in the Constitutional Assembly. Prior to joining the freedom movement with Mahatma Gandhi he was as a teacher and educationalist. Kripalani is known for his involvement in the Non-Cooperation Movement, Salt Satyagraha, Civil Disobedience Movement and Quit India Movement.

During his time with Mahatma Gandhi he worked in ashrams in Gujarat and Maharashtra on issues of education and social reforms and later went to Bihar and the United Provinces in northern India to teach and organize new ashrams. In 1928, he joined the All India Congress Committee, became its general secretary and later went on to hold the post of the President of the Indian National Congress in 1947.

Later, he resigned Congress and founded the Kisan Mazdoor PrajaParty which subsequently merged with the Socialist Party of India to form the Praja Socialist Party. In 1954, he resigned from his position in the Praja Socialist Party and became an independent politician. While a member of Praja Socialist Party, he remained in opposition for the rest of his political career. He was elected as the member of the Lok Sabha in 1952, 1957, 1963 and 1967. Towards the end, he spent his time working for the preservation and conservation of natural surroundings.

  1. Chairman, Fundamental Rights Sub-Committee;
  2. Member, Steering Committee;
  3. Member, Advisory Committee;
  4. Member, Provincial Constitution Committee