H.C. Mookerjee
1877 - 1956

HC Mookerjee was the Vice-President of the Constituent Assembly and a prominent leader of the Christian community in Bengal. Mookerjee was the first Indian to receive a Doctorate of Philosophy from Calcutta University. He served various positions in Calcutta University, from lecturer and professor to secretary and Inspector of Colleges, eventually becoming the Vice Chancellor.

He served as the President of the All India Council of Indian Christians. He was the first governor of West Bengal, from 1951 to 1956. Initially a proponent of reservation for minorities in all areas including politics, Mookerjee later changed his stance to support cultural and language preservation for minority communities.

  1. Vice-President of the Constituent Assembly;
  2. Chairman, .Minorities Sub- Committee;
  3. Member, Finance and Staff Committee;
  4. Member, Advisory Committee
  5. Member, Provincial Constitution Committee