Gopinath Bardoloi
1891 - 1950

Gopinath Bardoloi was from the province of Assam. After graduating with a degree in law, he began practicing in 1917 in Guwahati. His political foray was marked by joining the Indian National Congress as a volunteer in 1922. Bardoloi was also closely involved in the Indian freedom struggle.

He was the Prime Minister of undivided Assam before independence and also the Chief Minister of the Indian state of Assam where his main contribution was to stop land tax. After India's Independence, he took vehement measures to secure the sovereignty of Assam against both China and Pakistan.

He helped in the rehabilitation of millions of Hindu refugees who had fled East Pakistan due to widespread violence and intimidation in the wake of Partition. His work formed the basis for ensuring communal harmony, democracy and stability in Assam. TheGauhati University, High Court of Assam, Assam Medical College, Assam Veterinary Collegeare some of his contributions. A prolific writer, he wrote several books like Annasaktiyog, Shreeramachandra,Hajrat Mohammad, and Budhhadeb.

  1. Chairman, North-East Frontier Tribal Areas and Assam Excluded and Partially Excluded Areas Sub-Committee;
  2. Member, Rules of Procedure Committee;
  3. Member, Advisory Committee