The Constituent Assembly Debates (CADs) are a record of the debates and proceedings in the Constituent Assembly of India which sat for 165 days from December 9, 1946, to January 24, 1950. These debates which are organised in 12 volumes are an essential guide to the process of drafting and creating the Constitution of India, 1950. They are invaluable to understanding India's constitutional and political history and provide insights into contemporary political controversies from cow slaughter to the death penalty.

While the Constitution of India, 1950 was drafted by the Constituent Assembly from 1946-1950, it also drew on a long history of antecedents documents- Historical Constitutions - drafted either as legislation governing British India or aspirational political documents written by Indians (For Eg. Nehru Report1928).

The CADIndia website curates, tags and presents the Constituent Assembly Debates and Historical Constitution materials in an interactive and engaging digital format.

The Indian Constitutional History worksheets will engage with students in a pedagogically nuanced and active manner to secure the following outcomes:

  • Introduce students to the CADs and Indian constitutional history.
  • Help them identify relevant debates and materials on contemporary issues.
  • Develop a critical perspective on the constitution-making process.
  • Emphasize the relevance of these historical materials for civic citizenship in India today.

The worksheets are arranged in the order of difficulty (from easy to advanced).

Grade 1 to 4:

Exploring the Preamble: Word Puzzle

Grade 9 to 12:

Religion and Personal Laws

Undergraduate Courses: 

Objectives Resolution

Uniform Civil Code

Ban on Cow Slaughter

Right Against Exploitation

Freedom of Speech