Uniform Civil Code is a standardized law regulating all aspects of family law/personal law (marriage, divorce, adoption, guardianship and child custody, maintenance, inheritance and succession) applicable to all persons irrespective of religion, faith, caste or any other factors. Some argue that a Uniform Civil Code will address the issue of social injustice (especially women’s rights) and is a tool to achieve social and legal reform. Others disagree and believe that Uniform Civil Code will ruin plurality and diversity of religious and customary practices.

In this worksheet we will revisit the constitutional history behind Article 44 of the Constitution of India: ‘The State shall endeavour to secure for citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India

What were the debates among the framers of the Indian Constitution on the Uniform Civil Code?

This exercise is designed for students of undergraduate courses.


Worksheet: 1 (PDF format)

Worksheet: 2(PDF Format) (English -Hindi)

Level of difficulty: Normal